All Cooped Up

I’m all cooped up, are you? I’m also suddenly exclusively teaching online remote lessons. I need some zippy instantly downloadable pieces for my younger students — the ones who are in method books and have supplementary books that I don’t necessary have copies of. I need some sure-fire solos up Continue Reading

Wrong Way Rag

Hello friends! Like all of you, I’ve been unexpectedly hard at work figuring out how to teach remotely. I’ll be posting some ideas about that for you soon. In the meantime here’s a piece I wrote that’s going to be available for purchase but is free for site members. Here’s Continue Reading

The Pie Song

Eloise loves writing lyrics. One of my favorites was her “Star Trek” themed lyrics for Elissa Milne’s Peas in a Pod variations from her Little Peppers Books. Each variation had its own hilarious tribute to everything from Vulcan non-emotionalism to George Takei. It was a brilliant example of taking a piece Continue Reading