Town Hall

Things to Review
Black Key Groups
Quarter Note
Finger Numbers

Whatʼs New
Dotted Half Note
Skipping from Finger 4 to 2
Playing Hands Together

In this piece, the LH plays two black keys, and the RH plays three black keys. Students have now played all possible combinations of black key groups: 2 + 2, 3 + 3, 3 + 2, 2 + 3. This is the final black key piece in the Lesson book.

Dotted half note is introduced with a call-out line. Notice that as we learn this new note value for the first time, it always follows three quarter notes. And, there are no half notes in this piece. Students can focus entirely on the new note value.

For the first time, students will experience skipping a finger: RH 4 skips down to 2. Also, for the first time, notes played together: LH 3 and 2. This skill was prepared on page 6. However, the two hands playing together is for the first time.

The hands play together four times to imitate the sound of the clock tower bell. Your student may notice that the clock says it’s 8 o’clock. Oops…our mistake. But what a great opportunity to teach about repeat sign! Just draw it in if you like.

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