Up the Street

Things to Review
Quarter Note, Half Note
Finger Numbers 2, 3, 4
Groups of Three Black Keys

What’s New
Looking at the direction notes move (up, down)

This piece uses the groups of three black keys and adds the 4th finger in each hand. Notice again that the melody of the right hand is mirrored (inverted) in the left hand.

On this page, we introduce the most fundamental aspect of reading music: looking to see if notes are going up or down. We want students to recognise that when notes are on an upward slant, we play up the keyboard, and that a downward slant means playing down the keyboard. We emphasize this in the pre-staff reading so that students are prepared to look for the same thing when reading on the staff (pg. 24).

We asked the music engravers to make the angles of ascent and descent very precise. Developing the awareness of direction in pre-staff music is really the significant importance of pre-staff music. Isolating this element of reading, and giving students a chance to process it before the complications of staff reading begin, will strengthen your students’ understanding of how to read music. If the direction that notes move is not observed in the pre-staff music, a significant opportunity is missed for a student’s comprehension of how to read music.

In the picture, we have the same child as in “New Things”. She is leaving for school, waving goodbye to her mother, and about to meet a friend up the street. You will also see her lamb, peering out from behind her house.

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