Wishing Well

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My wish came true!

This week Iliana and Sabine, the sisters for whom I wrote Wishing Well, played it well enough that I can share a video of it with you. There’s still room for improvement, but I’m so proud of them. Only a few months ago they played together for the very first time. They’ve already learned many of the skills I talked about in my post Duets: Eight Practical Tips.

Iliana has suffered through over a year of serious health issues. (Last spring when her amazing mother received an award from President Obama, the family went to Washington D.C. But Iliana was feeling so rotten that part of their White House tour she was in a stroller because she was too exhausted to walk!)

This summer their family has been healthy enough to travel. Nothing has made me happier than seeing pictures of them around the globe, smiling and feeling fine. 

Well, maybe that’s not quite the truth. Watching the two sisters playing this piece – making real music together –  that makes me the happiest of all.

As you watch be sure to notice:

  • Starting together without counting out loud.
  • Accommodating each other’s little differences and always staying together.
  • Iliana is using the pedal for the first time in a duet. This is a challenging endeavor!
  • Sabine surprises Iliana by slowing down more than she ever has before to finish the piece. Iliana slows down right with her, even though she’s a bit surprised by Sabine’s grand gesture.

P.S. Wishing Well is on sale right now!

Do you have any students who might enjoy playing the Wishing Well this year?

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